It is no secret that I'm currently obsessed with Oh She Glows. It is also no secret that I'm typically a pretty terrible baker. Last year on Christmas Eve I ruined two attempts at homemade chocolate pudding (at least the second was edible, I just called it chocolatey-fudge-mousse-in-a-cup). Since then I've ruined box brownies at least twice... Maybe it's my oven?

So this year, I decided to try something with less emphasis on actually using the oven and from a source I already trusted. Enter, Chilled Chocolate-Espresso Torte with Toasted Hazelnut Crust and Whipped Coconut Cream. So freakin' easy. So insanely delicious. And it satisfied my non-vegan and gluten-loving family as well as my vegetarian step mom. The only less than exemplary comment I received was from Nanna... she thought it was "interesting." Anyway...

I was hesitant about the coconut whipped cream, but it honestly just tasted like vanilla. My dad licked the freakin' bowl when we were finished and my sister had no clue it was mostly coconut (and she's picky, so there's really no getting past her)! So if you make this, whatever you do, don't skip the whipped cream.

Here's the recipe and some fancier pictures from another blogger featuring this Oh She Glows masterpiece. This is my new go-to dessert. Next year, I won't even dare to try something new.