Cate To Date is back & basically brand new.

What was once a measly tumblr account with very sporadic posts chronicling my RA journey is about to become something much different.

I've moved well past the figuring-it-all-out phase. Now I'm basically kicking RA in the ass with tons of knowledge that I've gained just from experience in the last three years. I understand a lot about the immune system and what impacts it. I'm learning more about diet and how it can truly be medicine. I'm also realizing modern medicine isn't the only answer.

The new Cate To Date is going to be more about my new awesome lifestyle and less about RA. I just don't have too much to say about the day-to-day of the disease anymore (hence the radio silence on the blog for the past year), but I do have a lot to say about food, supplements, yoga and the healthfulness that is responsible for my feeling so great. So this is my new outlet to share all of that. Who knows what will come up. Your guess is as good as mine.