so i got permission today from my doctor to come off the prednisone steroid to “see how i do without it.” i’ve been on only 5mg a day for the past almost-three months. i’ve read a lot about how you shouldn’t just stop taking prednisone as your body’s glands go into shock without the help of the steroid and you can experience fatigue and other pretty awful symptoms for awhile… basically predisnone withdrawl.

that said, does anyone have advice on what i should do? doctor says just go right from 5mg to 0 tomorrow, but i’m thinking of cutting down to 2.5mg per day for the next week, and then 0 after that. keep you posted on what and how this changes things. i’ve been symptom free for so long i have no idea if its the prednisone or the plaquenil working, here’s to hoping :)