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Zoodles for Days


Check out my lunch, you guys. Vegan zucchini bolognese that literally tastes just like a gigantic heap of meaty gluteny spaghetti that is... not. This plate should be famous, it's literally that good. And I think word is getting around Pittsburgh that the zoodles at the Amazing Cafe are to. die. for. I could eat this every day, I think. If you live in PGH, go do yourself a favor and get some (17th & Carson St.).

This vegan delight is a good depiction of how I've been eating recently. I had a freak out about six months ago when I was presented with an onslaught of information about why someone with RA or any other autoimmune disease should absolutely become a vegan. I'm already gluten free so the thought of this kind of threw me into a total tizzy (I mean like, tears at the Whole Foods cafe with my best friend on a Tuesday night kinda thing).

So I just ignored the issue and pushed it off. But sure enough, within a few months I was kind of slowly just adapting vegan recipes into my week without even putting that much energy or recognition into what I was doing.

I asked a friend the other day if she was vegan and her response was, "You know I don't like labels." I love that answer! It's now my new answer. I eat what I eat. Rules and regulations and labels are the worst when it comes to this kind thing. I want to feel free to do what I want to do. But I'm pretty proud that right now I'm having vegetarian or vegan breakfast and lunch everyday while dinner is mostly a win but let's be real. I still like a hot dog, piece of chicken or shrimp on the grill, and steak on my Chipotle burrito bowl every now and then. I'm not planning to cut that out entirely.

So go be whatever you want to be, diet-wise. Pescatarian one day, vegan the next? Fine. Eat what makes your body feel good.