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The Fear Project

I still keep in touch with one of my college professors. Julie Elman draws peoples fears and this week, she drew mine.

Here’s what she has to say about my fear and fears in general:

The Fear Project :: What’s Ahead WIth Rheumatoid Arthritis

Catherine, 26, was diagnosed with RA last year. She wrote a lot about what it’s been like to live with this disease, but I was only able to include a fraction of what she expressed here. There are so many unknowns for Catherine, a yoga teacher, writes, “I’ve actually come to terms with everything a lot better than I expected.”

About Julie's Fear Project: 


Admit it. You’re afraid. Very afraid. Of something. Spiders, perhaps? Getting a root canal at the dentist? The stranger out there who will kidnap your kids?

I illustrate people’s fears. Working with their words, I just try to visualize what those fears could possibly look like. I work quickly and post my pieces no matter how I feel about them. It’s a good way to get over any fears I have about the creative process.

Fear not, I keep telling myself. Fear not.

— Julie M. Elman

Got fear? Send it: fearproject (at) gmail (dot) com”