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You Have The Rest Of Your Life To... yoga. Or whatever else it is that makes you feel fit, happy, sane, chill, de-stressed. You get it.

I try to practice 2-3 times per week. Sometimes though, things get crazy and it feels like I am trying to squish a yoga practice into my schedule between lotsofthings and lotsofotherthings in order to guarantee I stay sane. Typically, on the nights I'm not practicing yoga, I'm teaching yoga, so when things do get really busy, sometimes I just want a break from the studio. Today I told myself I had to practice, but all day long I was overwhelmed by how busy the next few days are going to be, not only with work but with real life too. So, I came home and thought about going to the studio and just decided, "Eh, I want to be chill tonight. I'll just practice at home." 

Well, we all know that rarely works out. I ended up giving myself a badly-needed manicure, making a delicious mushroom risotto for the first time (post to come), and then having a glass of wine and r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g. At first I felt lazy and then I realized...

I say it in my classes over and over: the most important thing we can do is take care of ourselves because when we push when we're already maxed out, we're not going to benefit. So I heeded my own advice tonight and just didn't practice. I haven't in two days and won't again until... ugh, who knows. But I'll get there. I realized I literally have the rest of my life to go to yoga. It's not going anywhere. Missing one practice, and in turn a whole week of practice, isn't going to make me out of shape or weaker or not healthy. If anything, it's going to make me more prepared and mentally fit to get through the busy week now that I've actually had some downtime. So, see ya soon yoga mat. I'm off tonight.



Go Gluten Free

Flash back to the first day I went grocery shopping with a gluten free diet in mind. I spent the 5 hour flight from Pittsburgh to San Francisco last Labor Day reading the book, It Starts With Food. Their approach to diet is strict paleo. No grains, no processed foods, no white sugar, I can go on... I was crazy overwhelmed by such a drastic diet change that just removing the gluten and dairy seemed easy in comparison. But their message was important — I could heal my body of disease by changing my diet. 

It was a scary idea. It would be the biggest change I'd make since being diagnosed but looking back, it's the best and easiest decision I've ever made.

I did paleo for about a week (failed on no grains!), added the dairy back in after about a month (I missed cheese!) but I've kept the gluten free going ever since. I eat plenty of quinoa, rice and even the occasional gluten free bread to make up for what I've given up. I noticed a huge difference in my body without it. I've been tested for allergies to wheat and not even an intolerance comes back, but it still changes everything. 

When you first start, the trick is to learn to eat properly without gluten free products first. They are typically higher in sugar and other junk that replace the gluten in their recipes. Once you've got the diet figured out without them, then you can add those products in as treats without being dependent.

Trust me, I am known to get local gluten free pizza from the local pizzeria once a week, eat a whole loaf of gluten free toast when I'm sick, or cook up quinoa or brown rice pasta for dinner often.

I also cheat on my GF diet altogether sometimes (office donuts are literally the worst temptation!) when the occasion calls for it but I can definitely feel it! Instead of getting a stomach ache like those with Celiac do, I feel brain fog, fatigue and heaviness in my shoulders and upper spine similar to feeling a caffeine withdrawal. The next morning my fingers are usually puffier and creakier. It all subsides but it's enough to keep me from cheating often or with big portions.

I could go on and on about the success I've had with removing gluten from my diet and what I've learned along the way but I'll break it up into future posts. For now, check out my Resources page for resources to get you inspired!



— NEW! —

Cate To Date is back & basically brand new.

What was once a measly tumblr account with very sporadic posts chronicling my RA journey is about to become something much different.

I've moved well past the figuring-it-all-out phase. Now I'm basically kicking RA in the ass with tons of knowledge that I've gained just from experience in the last three years. I understand a lot about the immune system and what impacts it. I'm learning more about diet and how it can truly be medicine. I'm also realizing modern medicine isn't the only answer.

The new Cate To Date is going to be more about my new awesome lifestyle and less about RA. I just don't have too much to say about the day-to-day of the disease anymore (hence the radio silence on the blog for the past year), but I do have a lot to say about food, supplements, yoga and the healthfulness that is responsible for my feeling so great. So this is my new outlet to share all of that. Who knows what will come up. Your guess is as good as mine.



Really Good Doctors #1

i went to a new private care doctor on friday. i needed someone close to home and the family doctor i grew up seeing was picked by my parents and i dont think i ever even met him.

i asked around for recommendations from fellow yoga teachers at the studio where i teach, knowing yogis who are also moms with kids and husbands must have a good private practice they trust.

sure enough, i got a high recommendation for a guy right down the street from my apartment, dr. spinola. he didn’t have new patient appointments available until october but upon hearing that i was recently diagnosed with ra, he took me on as a patient immediately. a great sign i chose well.