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Recipe: Smoked Salmon Salad w/ Lemon Dill Dressing


Ok guys, I was off the blogging train for a hot second but I am back. Sorry for the radio silence. Things got a bit crazy at work (good crazy!) for a few months and this space lost all the energy I was giving it. I have, however, been trying a TON of different recipes, all gluten free and mostly vegan and now sadly (not really), I am going to have to remake all of them to document and share with you!

This recipe is (sort of) made up based on a salad I had at brunch a few weeks ago at Pittsburgh's Bistro 19 in Mt. Lebanon. My take on this salad is my obsession for lunch this week. It's so easy to pack each morning and since it does have salmon on it, I feel like it's pretty hearty and yet light. Sorry this one doesn't fall in the vegan / veg category.

All you need for this is:

Spinach, arugula, red onion and smoked salmon lox (I got mine from Trader Joes for $8). For the dressing, I mixed some olive oil, juice of one lemon, seedy brown mustard, salt,  and pepper together. I add a bit of dill to the salad and also to the dressing right before I mix the salad. If you're not opposed to sour cream, dob some of that into the salad (or mix that with the lemon and dill) for a richer taste. Done.

The restaurant where I had this originally also served with a hard boiled egg and croutons. Have at it if you're into that!