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You Have The Rest Of Your Life To... yoga. Or whatever else it is that makes you feel fit, happy, sane, chill, de-stressed. You get it.

I try to practice 2-3 times per week. Sometimes though, things get crazy and it feels like I am trying to squish a yoga practice into my schedule between lotsofthings and lotsofotherthings in order to guarantee I stay sane. Typically, on the nights I'm not practicing yoga, I'm teaching yoga, so when things do get really busy, sometimes I just want a break from the studio. Today I told myself I had to practice, but all day long I was overwhelmed by how busy the next few days are going to be, not only with work but with real life too. So, I came home and thought about going to the studio and just decided, "Eh, I want to be chill tonight. I'll just practice at home." 

Well, we all know that rarely works out. I ended up giving myself a badly-needed manicure, making a delicious mushroom risotto for the first time (post to come), and then having a glass of wine and r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g. At first I felt lazy and then I realized...

I say it in my classes over and over: the most important thing we can do is take care of ourselves because when we push when we're already maxed out, we're not going to benefit. So I heeded my own advice tonight and just didn't practice. I haven't in two days and won't again until... ugh, who knows. But I'll get there. I realized I literally have the rest of my life to go to yoga. It's not going anywhere. Missing one practice, and in turn a whole week of practice, isn't going to make me out of shape or weaker or not healthy. If anything, it's going to make me more prepared and mentally fit to get through the busy week now that I've actually had some downtime. So, see ya soon yoga mat. I'm off tonight.