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The Symptoms & The Swirl

originally posted may 9, 2012

this past fall i started noticing a tightness in my right foot when i got out of bed in the morning, something i was aware of and then would forget about until the next day. over christmas, i went to tampa to visit family and found relief by putting my foot in front of the jet in their hot tub but the next morning my foot was so tight i was limping on it. 

i made an appointment with a new foot doctor and he did x-rays but didn’t see anything out of the norm (i was expecting stress fracture from yoga or something). he did suggest i probably had a morton’s neuroma in between my 3rd and 4th bones but that i should go on my upcoming yoga teacher training in mexico as i wouldn’t do any damage to it and we’d take care of it when i returned.

in the following months, i started noticing tightness in my right pointer finger knuckle. this is the finger i used to mouse with heavily (graphic designer) until switching to a wacom pen last year. but it hurt! not always, but enough that i was noticing.